Going above and beyond our daily chores…

is usually
synonymous with incompetence throughout the world. In time for Christmas season
we find ourselves saying “Mail your packages early so the post office can lose
them in time for Christmas.”

This patient of mine
had been contacted six times without any result so a postcard was generated for
him. What happens if the address is not correct? It lies in the unresolved file
of a Post Office but it did not happen in this case. On my usual office day I was
attending to all the calls and suddenly a man says from the other end, “Are you
Shilpi. I am the post office in-charge of village Gokul and we have searched
the entire village for this man. There are 3 Madan Gopal’s in the village and
post card belongs to none of them.” He suggested that the address says Police
station is Mahavan which is another village some 3kms away. I requested him if
this post card could be sent there and he agreed to it. I was immensely moved
by the extra effort he took to solve the case. If we all take care of each
other in such a passionate way, this place would be free of all hatred and a
better place to live.
I am proud
to be an Indian and salute our postal system that has their presence in each
nook n corner of this vast country.

I want to
thank Ayeshah for encouraging me to share my lovely experience with you all.

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