A Postcard from Heaven…

It was like a normal afternoon, Wasan handed me a mystery parcel from the MAX he got from the reception lady. I was wondering what thing that Global sending us since we did not remember that the Global Team would send anything to us… thought it might be another mission impossible for us to make it possible… 

I talked to Wasan and Piyapong, but they look seem puzzle as mine. Wasan handled me a cutter (making a face like a kid looking at a warped gift from Santa) and with a gesture to open it.

I opened and found a greeting card with all those pictures that we have been taking from MaxSmiles. The card is so so beautiful and the messages from everyone on the card just make us smiles and hearts warming.

Thank you so much Pat, Erin, Barbara, Paula, Danielle, Nataliya, Craig and Michael. For your great support to MaxStation Thailand and MaxSmiles for these 5 years. Special thanks to Ann and Ksenia, our beloved PO, who must have been the persons that made this card for us.

Remember the time that we were sitting on the mattresses in a public park talking about Max and his legacy.  2 months after that, we have the monthly meeting at Xavier Hall for every single months, and we have never missed one, no matter how hot, cold and raining it is.  The new members constanly come join and food never less down, need to give thanks to each member for the support.

The Celebration of Life for the 5th Year Anniversary is going to be wonderful for all of us.

Thank you so much everyone, once again.  ^^~


MAX : )

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