Sharing Love to Pediatric Patients

Although belatedly, I would like to share the gift-giving activity we had on on June 23rd to the pediatric patients of the National Children’s Hospital (NCH). This is a small government hospital with around 250 bed capacity. The rooms are quite small and some patients have to share beds. In almost all our outreach projects, the Philippine General Hospital has been our target beneficiary. So we thought that in celebration of the International Survivors Day, we would chose NCH. There were around 40 pediatric patients who were happy to receive toys, clothes, coloring books etc. They were so excited to see the TBM team carrying loot bags and snacks. They could not contained their excitement when they received their gifts.Everyone was so generous thanking each one of us. . For a while, they forgot their own discomforts.

It always feels good to be able to bring smiles to these kids :).

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