David’s Story

David, one of the dedicated volunteer in Max Family and The Max Foundation Malaysia office.

I would like to share his story with you.

The below his script for one of the sharing sessions.

David has given his consent to share this script at Pat’s blog.


Good afternoon everyone! I am David, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia survivor since July 2009.

Thank you for inviting me to share my story with you!

I hope through my story, more people would appreciate their life, and understand health, friendship and family relationship are priceless and should not be taken for granted.

I was diagnosed in July 2009 at Kuching, when I was having a short vacation back in my hometown, Kuching.

I still remember during that time, everyone was fear of H1N1.

I was having 40°C fever for 4 days. I had my blood test as per family doctor’s advice.

I thought I was having H1N1.

Before my blood test result is sent to my family doctor, the lab has contacted my family doctor as the result showed that my white blood cell’s count is very high.

My family doctor has requested me to be admitted immediately and we were told that I am suspected for leukaemia.

I had my bone marrow aspiration done when I was admitted at Normah Specialist Hospital.

I never imagine the word ‘leukaemia’ will be part of my life.

When I was lying in ward, I was planning to give all my insurance claims to my parents. “I will die soon” and planning for it were the only thing in my mine.

We learned about confirmation diagnosis of CML one week after I had discharged.

My mother, during that time, I know she is very sad and was crying a lot, although I can hardly see her cry in front of me. One of the reasons was also because I was given high dose of antibiotic which made me sleep all the time.

The only one time I remember that my mother was crying, was when I had my first bone marrow aspiration. 

As a mother, although she is very sad, she is still brave to be strong, and be my support. She is the one prepare home-cooked food and bring the food to hospital for me.

After I discharged, she is the one to send me to hospital 2 times a week for blood test and follow up.

In August 2009, I was started on targeted therapy. Slowly I was getting better and 6 months later, I came back to Kuala Lumpur continue to work in February 2010.

David – before diagnosed

And today, I am healthy enough to stand in front of you.

Before I was diagnosed, I always complaint about my work, very busy and very pressure.

Now I always feel it’s a blessing that I can work, I can exercise, I can go everywhere that I love to go and be independent.

Besides my busy working schedule, I will spare some time for mountain climbing, marathon, have some good time with friends and also travel with my mother.

Last year, I had participated in marathon almost once a month and I am able to finish 16.8km in one hour and 31 minutes.

Run! David, Run!

Now I can see my mother is more relief, enjoying her life and not too worry about my diagnosis. 

Besides, because of my CML diagnosis, CML Patient Support Group, Max Family came into my life.

I am not only getting support from Max Family by meeting the other CML survivors who walked through the same journey as me, I also have a chance to support other newly-diagnosed survivors by sharing my experience.

Meeting people who are facing the same life-threatening challenge, but living a good life, is such as wonderful moment for me.

By knowing we are not only one in this world who facing the challenge, and seeing the others doing so well in their treatment and their life, we are able to be strong and believe we will have the same good future!

Last but not least, I appreciate what I have now and thank you for all the supports that was given to all CML survivors from all parties.

I hope the support will be continuous supports, because I have gone through the toughest time in my life, and each and every support is very important for me to walk through the CML journey. I am not the last one who diagnosed with CML, I hope those newly diagnosed will also get the support that I had before.

Thank you!


Hope you all enjoying reading this survivor’s story!

Wei Meng, Malaysia

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