Max Family’s Special Post, Part 1: The Ten

This is the first part of the special post of Max Family’s 10 years of journey, with each blog reflecting these wonderful years. These are the wisdom from different people in Max Malaysia Team.

So with that, we present to you…

Family is the word… (Shirleen)

As Max Family celebrates the 10th year anniversary that day, I walked pass the hall into the foyer to see faces of patients and caregivers – the familiar faces that have been with us even from the very beginning to the new faces welcomed by the warmed familiar faces. From one corner, I see old patients hugging each other like haven’t seen each other for years, saying “How are you? It has been awhile since we’ve met. You have grown plumber!” While in another corner, I see the concern new patients being console by long term survivors, giving new patients advice on how to cope with treatment side effects and telling them their very own journey when they were first diagnosed. Tears fall from her rosy cheeks as she recalls the tough journey she has been through with the support and courage from another survivor then.

I see how one affects another and how love is spread. How everyone welcome each and every one with the warmth, love and hope which can be seen in a loving family environment. Throughout the 3 years working with The Max Foundation and Max Family, I have seen how the core patient leaders brings the light from one to another; like a magnetic force, we pull everyone together and stronger as we grow in this journey together, like a family.

That’s why we are Max FAMILY…I learn what truly is the meaning of “Family” here. This is where we are, our second family…


A glimpse of LIFE with Max Family… (Aina)

Hello again…recently we just celebrated our 10th Year Anniversary of Max Family. Even though my tenure with Max Family is only about 5 years, the experienced I have gained still gives me a strong impact in my life.

Through this noble journey I am able to experience a significant amount of self-realization about this phase called LIFE…

Through the years, I have encounter some of very meaningful moment which I would like to share some with you. ..

Sometimes, we tend to take things for granted. The small little things that we do for someone perhaps is just nothing to us but it is a big thing or even a big favour to some quarters of people.  Is just we do not realize it ourselves? So this is a story of one of our patient that really caught my attention which I would like to just share a little….

It was sometime in early 2014… as always I am tight up with the registration of membership on this one particular congress held in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to that, I only communicate with this particular patient via phone. Matters that I need to communicate with are covering from all sort of angle such as registration form, sometime incomplete, so I need to fix that one up with him and then come with payment transaction etc. These are some of the moment I managed to recall with him.  In a way, I did quite a lot of communication with him without me realizing it.


During the congress, right after the educational session, while I was busy with things, he came to me and tapped my shoulder and he was excitedly introduced himself and his wife. We did have a short conversation. It was quite brief and all I could recall was, he mentioned I, as in the whole team did a very good job he also thanked us for making it happen. Deep in my mind I could not stop thinking what he just said to me earlier…GOOD JOB. Was quite flattering I would say after hearing that.  So come lunch I managed to squeezed my time to just drop by and thanking him and his wife for coming. What I can say he was quite a character though. Very motivated, excited, driven and I can also say he is very enthusiastic and high spirited kind of person.

Well time went by without us realizing until I met him again sometime last year for Max Family Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This time he was a little bit different. He came alone this time. Came to my surprised he came on his own by train and cab all the way just to attend the AGM. This time I could notice that I shall say that he is not in good health. But what made me wonder was his high spirit and also his enthusiasm. Still there and going strong.

As we reached another event sometime last month; in Ampang Hospital, I am saddened of the news that he was not well. Right after the event I and the rest crew member went straight to the respective ward to pay a visit. Yes, we were very happy to see him but what really saddened me up was his health condition is deteriorating. Even with his condition as such he was still in high spirit in wanting to be part of the program in assisting other patients in other parts of Malaysia.

So why is this patient that I am sharing with you? What about him? How different he is as to compare to us? Lots of question lingering in my mind about him but what I discovered is all down to the attitude towards life itself.

Without me realizing, that actually I am learning from him. What are the things I learned? I have learned on how to appreciate people as how he acknowledged the effort made during the congress he attended in 2014. He showed me the passion and also strength in pursuing life despite of his shortcoming.

I am also very grateful for being able to have a chance to witness this qualities first hand…and to those who had left us I am thanking each and every one of you for teaching me the best qualities of life that I could imagine in which it has made me a better person and you will always have the special place in my heart…

A caring heart- where the connection started (Gin Nin)

2016 is my second year in Max Malaysia, as well as with the Max Family. Recall the first time I met the Max Family core group members at Hospital Kuala Lumpur for Pediatric Ward visit, I wasn’t able to identify who are the CML patients as they looked physically the same like anyone else. They were full of life force and brimming with joy. It was so encouraging seeing how energetic, cheerful, happy and caring they were to the kids and people around them, despite of their diagnosis. I was deeply impressed by how giving the members are, even until today.

2016 marks as the 10th year of Max Family. On the celebration day, I could see the excitement of the members especially those who have been with Max Family for years or even from the start. It was like a reunion to celebrate the 10 years journey.

On that day, I was especially touched by the sharing of Max Family members – Bee Ling and Li Li. They shared their journey living with CML and how Max Family had helped them through.

Bee Ling shared the moment when she first diagnosed with CML, she wasn’t able to accept the fact and she was depressed. However, there was the turning point when she decided to join Max Family.

She met Sahimi and Fan, both the CML survivors as well as the pioneers of Max Family during the second patient workshop she attended. Meeting Sahimi and Fan as well as their life experiences had given Bee Ling so much strength to move on. Likewise, Li Li who was diagnosed with CML 2 years back was very down when she first joined the Max Family. Bee Ling was the first person she met and they got connected since then. Now, both Bee Ling and Li Li are very active in Max Family and they provide support to other CML patients, just like the support they received previously.

Max Family members are connected to each other in some ways. I personally feel it started with the one person who willing to approach and care for the others, for example, by sharing their own stories.

This touches one’s heart. The connection expands when the other person step up and do the same. A simple act of caring could impact lives of others and the impact goes on, like the ripple effect.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa
A caring heart could create an endless ripple.

The More We Share, The More We Have (Aisya)

Seeing different faces with various emotions attending the recent 10th Year Celebrations of Max Family makes me very happy. Of course, when you see they came, you feel all your hard work worth the world! You feel more connection when you’ve got to meet them instead having conversation over the phone all these while.

Honestly I feel that sharing what you have with others is the most powerful thing to do to make the world a better place. At least I could be a good help to certain people.

Speaking of sharing, I was heading to the prayer room when I saw a female security and her daughter. Spontaneously I greeted her and invited her to join our lunch. She looked hesitant at first and glanced at her daughter. I could see her daughter’s face beamed with happiness. FOOD!

Both of them hadlunch together with us and I offered them to pack some food. Of course, again the daughter looked so happy and had three bowls of the dessert. The mother invited her other colleagues to pack some food for lunch. At the end, all food finished without any single waste!

Actually, for some people getting free food means a lot for them.
Some may not appreciate and waste the food.  

Sometimes, a simple greeting and small sharing means happiness for others.


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