Strategic Plan Update – Showcasing our Strategic Plan with a new Brochure!

Hello team!

Our strategic plan in underway and we are hard at work to
accomplish some very big goals over the next five years! We already have lots
of spreadsheets, documents, and discussions about how we will leap forward for
impact through this strategic plan. The strategic plan can feel overwhelming,
so we decided to remedy that – with a brochure!
 Sneak peek of online version:
You can see in the Strategic Plan brochure, we’ve outlined
our three areas of focus for our plan: Where are we now?; Where are we going?;
and How do we get there? I want to take some time to detail these three goals
for us all.
Where are we now?
Our first goal is to “Strengthen the focus, measurement, and
impact of existing work of The Max Foundation.” The objective here is to
capture the whole scope of work for The Max Foundation, including individual
programs, the Max Global Network, and our general approach. We believe by fully
documenting where we stand now, we can better decide where to move to next.
Which brings us to…
Where are we going?
Over the next five years, we see our organization expanding
in order to meet the growing global health demands. Our next goal is to,
“Expand the scope of The Max Foundation’s work, building on our strengths and
unique capacities.” We want to be prepared for the future by bringing on new
partners, creating new disease-specific programs, and elevating the role of the
Max Global Network. This, of course, brings up a pretty important last
How do we get there?
Finally, we want to bridge our current efforts with our
future work. Goal three is to, “Strengthen the organizational capacity of The
Max Foundation to support increased program impact.” In order to be an
organization of the future, we need to make major decisions about how we will
grow, we need to diversify our funding, and we need to strengthen our talent,
skills, processes, policies and systems.
addition to reading through the brochure, please consider if it is something you
might want to share with key stakeholders in your country or region.  We can arrange to have hard copies sent your
way and everyone can find it online!  We will also send the PDF to Region Heads to start working with right away.
In the coming weeks, we’re going to share other tools that
outlines all the pieces of our strategic plan so we can all follow along with our collective progress.

It’s going to be an amazing five years! 
Thanks to all,

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