Tomorrow, Erin, Viji, Ines, Mei Ching and myself will meet in San Diego to attend the American Society of Hematology meeting, ASH. We have a very packed agenda and it has taken endless hours of many people in our team to get us ready.
For sarters, we will be hosting again the iCMLf/MAX Forum for physicians from Emerging Regions where we will launch an updated series of the Virtual Education Program. We have had a great response to the invite, thanks to all POs and MS for pushing this! I have the feeling that it will be standing room only. I will have the honor to moderate the discussion. Fingers crossed!
We also have managed to overschedule ourselves with a multitude of meetings. Among them, our usual meeting with Novartis Basel leadership, also Pfizer, Ariad, BMS!, Genentech/Roche, Cepheid, Molecular MD, plus meetings here and there with Novartis local colleagues and some of your physicians. The entire weekend we will be running and hotel hopping to get from meeting to meeting.
Finally, we are commited to squeezing in a MAX internal meeting to help us frame our work in the coming year.
Thank you to everyone for your hard work, and especially to Danielle, Paula and Barbara for your patience in the past few weeks. Wish us luck; we will do our best to represent us with dignity and to forge new partnerships.
I will be back Monday night and should be in the office on Tuesday.

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