Magical May

May is the month we launch the chai for cancer in full swing
and it is also the time for a patient support group meeting in Mumbai – Meeting
in May has been like a ritual for our Mumbai crowd for so many years now.
22nd May – Sunday was the D day.
Chai for cancer adda
was also planned at the meeting – a team of volunteers was allocated for chai
for cancer desk and then there was a team registering patients side by side.

A great play was organized by the famous duo Bhai and
Bhidu, both of them have their specific individual style in which they convey
the most difficult message in a super comical way. They usually put up a great
show for their audience. The duo this time spoke about The Max Foundation and
Friends of Max as organizations and the work that both the organizations carry
forward. And also stressed about creating awareness and eliminating stigma
associated with cancer. Chai for cancer was also one important topic discussed
in the play and awareness on hosting addas
was spoken about.

We had a very interesting question answer session this
time – there were only three physicians but the session went on for a more than
an hour and a half. Dr. Manju Sengar and Dr.Amey from TATA Memorial Hospital
and the most loved physician and a great name in the oncology industry Dr.
Suresh Advani. All the patient/caregivers were so charged up and were asking
questions nonstop and our dear physicians answered all the questions very
We have been having meetings in Mumbai for more than ten years and so
most of the people present at the meetings are familiar with each other, these
are the people who have been on the drug for a long time and so every time they
come they have some newer questions, and of course we have a good number of new
comers too, so there are a lot of questions that are being asked and the
answers that come from the physicians are sure to comfort both the old and the
new patients.
The highlight of
this meeting was the story telling work shop that was organized post lunch. People have many different experiences some of them are personal, some of them are with friends or family. Sometimes its not easy to talk and share your experiences and views with family and so we created this platform and helped them say their story – great opportunity  was created to share with others. The people who were shy and were sitting in one corner raised their hands and came and spoke on the podium. There were so many who said this is the first time they have held a mic in their hand. So many fun stories came up and not necessarily related to cancer, people spoke about their love life, work life their families and also about pursing their interest and hobbies. 

The idea of story telling workshop was a great success. 200 patient and caregivers attended the meeting making the day worthwhile.

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