Kiran volunteers visit child cancer patients on the eve of Eid

Kiran volunteers visit child cancer patients on the eve of Eid A group of 12 young volunteers of Kiran comprising school and college students celebrate Eve visited child cancer patients at Karachi’s Children Cancer Hospital (CCH). The idea was to let them feel the joys of Eid festival which Muslims celebrate all over the world at the end of the holy fasting month of Ramzan. Today was the last day of fasting and the 3-day Eid festival begins from tomorrow, August 31, 2011. Kiran members strongly felt they should spend some time with the Children Cancer Hospital’s young patients in the true spirit of Eid to let them feel they are not alone. MaxStation who had earlier planned this activity with the group, led its volunteers to this humanitarian mission. He helped them in buying appropriate toys as gifts for the child patients and also bought for them lunch boxes. The contents of the packed lunches were selected after consulting the Hospital’s physician and nutritionist. All the children were delighted upon seeing their gifts. These children were mostly undergoing chemotherapy. Some of them were terminally ill. The CCH provides free treatment to these children who all come from very low-income families. As part of the Eid festival’s tradition, children are given cash money by their parents and elders. This gift called Eidee gives the children ample pocket money to buy their favourite goodies. So it is natural for them to be looking forward to this attraction on the festival. Thanks to a philanthropic lady, Mrs. Shazia Naeem, who supported Kiran group by offering cash Eidee for each child patient. It was a sense of extreme satisfaction for all of us to see the children smiling and rejoicing on this occasion. A feeling of gratification was evident from their faces. We, the Kiran volunteers’ group members, the new friend-of-Max (FOM) – Mrs. Naeem – and the MaxStation, were all very proud on this small service we were able to offer to child patients. Their innocent smiles made

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