Cancer Awareness Program

Cancer Awareness Program A one-day cancer awareness lecture was organized by MaxStation in collaboration with the local Novartis representative. Some 35 patients of GIPAP and NOVA-Patients attended this event at the AKU Hospital lecture hall. The MaxStation reminded the patients how efficiently and dedicatedly their physicians are attending their individual cases. He also brought home the point how Novartis has been providing a costly medicine free-of-cost to these patients. The MaxStation advised that accordingly, the only way the patients could return this favour was to cooperate with their individual physician(s). This, he said, was by attending the clinics regularly for follow-up at the prescribed day & time. In simple down-to-earth language, the MaxStation briefed the patients about the difference in the two programs viz. GIPAP and NOVA-P. Novartis representative, Dr ‘Aaliya Khan, told about how Novartis is helping the patients through the program NOVA-P by providing free-of-cost medicines. She said the number of CML patients in Pakistan was increasing day by day. As such, she asked those patients who could afford to share the medicine cost to come forward and play their role so that more non-affording patients could be helped. Dr ‘Aaliya Khan explained that the affordability of the patients was evaluated by a 3rd party evaluation consultant viz. Credit & Commerce Company. It is on the basis of their impartial evaluation that Novartis decides about how much financial burden a patient is supposed to share. Dr ‘Aaliya Rasheed finally asserted that Novartis tries their best to do justice with every patient and ensure that no patient is allowed to suffer. The MaxStation thanked Dr ‘Aaliya Khan and all the patients for attending the lecture session.

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