16th Annual Cancer Conference (March 11-13, 2011)

16th Annual Cancer Conference (March 11-13, 2011) The 16th annual Cancer Conference was organized by Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology (PSCO) at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi (Pakistan) from 11th to 13th March, 2011. The MaxStation was invited to the conference by PSCO General Secretary, Dr A. Nadeem Abbasi, and also by Dr ‘Imran Rasheed (Head of Oncology Sales at Novartis Pakistan). About 200 physicians and surgeons specializing in the field of Oncology attended the conference. They included Hemo-oncologists and those concerned with oncology pharmaceutical products. During the 3-day conference very useful information was shared on latest research and treatment. For the benefit of conference participants, some surgeons showed video recordings of surgical operations performed by them with a verbal summary. This was followed by discussion among the specialist medical fraternity. These surgeries included cases of breast cancer and lungs. On the last day Dr ‘Imran Rasheed spoke on the role of Max Foundation and introduced the MaxStation who was attending as TMF’s representative. Dr IM told the conference that the great humanitarian initiative of helping poor cancer patients wouldn’t have been possible without TMF. MaxStation spoke on TMF’s key intervention viz. emotional support, advocacy and informal referral. He then presented key statistics relating to the number of CML patients who were provided life-saving intervention by TMF. He briefed the audience about NOVA-P and explained the following aspects: NOVA-P focus & modality; enrolment procedure; clinics in Pakistan and specialists available there and related blood-testing facilities etc. The MaxStation believes that attending this conference was of advantage to the TMF cause since he was able to spread TMF message to the medical fraternity. Now that more physicians have understood the role of TMF, the MaxStation hopes they will increasingly utilize TMF for the benefit of CML and GISIT patients.

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