Tribute to Max from Pakistan

Like previous years, this year too we assembled at the Oncology Clinic on March10 at AKU Hospital, Karachi to remember our hero Maximilino Rivarola. The majority of the participants comprised 15 of our patients to whom the story of Max has been told many a time. Most of them remember it well and keep on sharing it with others. Most of all, the patients regard Max as their hero and their benefactor. They also adore his mother who took an extremely courageous initiative in not only conceiving but actually establishing a viable foundation. MaxStation narrated the same story in today’s perspective throwing light on its angles that could give the patients hope and courage. He emphasized that if this spirit is followed by other nations and countries, the world would be a happy place and there would be peace and progress every where. The MaxStation advised the patients to follow Max’s spirit and never lose hope. He reminded the patients that they are not the only ones receiving the benefit of free treatment. So many other patients elsewhere in Pakistan are being benefited by the generous contribution of Max Foundation and its collaboration with Novartis. The MS said that the MF, its founder will continue receiving tributes from the Pakistani nation. The patients got together to burn a candle in memory of Max. They then prayed God for granting his soul rest in eternal peace. A minute silence was also observed as a respect to Max. One of the patients addressed the gathering to pay rich tribute to Max’s mother, the founder of Max Foundation. She asked the audience to pray for the long, healthy, happy and productive life of Ms. Pat Garcia Gonzalez. They also prayed for the success of her humanitarian mission and for inspiring the world with its message and mission. The event ended on a hopeful note and the audience departed with a renewed sense of courage and motivation.

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