No time to P O S T

Yes !! that’s me , glasses pushed up on my messy hair , sunken eyes with bags under them , hollow cheeks and drooping brows and a desk load of unfinished paper work .

Sounds familair ? I bet it does !! Am sure most of us are in this state ; of course not loking as awful as I do for sure – I must learn the art of looking glamorous when over worked and over wrought !!

So my dear fellow Max-i -Mums and Misses and hmmm Men too : ) its just been so, so awesomely busy that there has not been a moment to let alone sit , stare and sniff at the roses or some such random stuff but not even a second to document the stuff that has kept one so busy.

Today a problem with my car saw to it that I worked from home and having saved a few hours of commute I find I did have some time to check out Pat’s Blog and looked at the drought of posts from India !!! So watch this space while we catch our breath and begin reporting on some of the interesting things that have been hapenning .
In the mean time hugs and xxxxx from Balmy Bombay !!!

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