Campaign Planning Meeting-Lahore

“If you fail to Plan this mean You Plan to fail”

Maximize Life event is very important for us to create awareness among all stakeholders concerned in either way with Cancer or Cancer related persons. To make the Maximize Life events more meaningful and result oriented, a planning meeting with active KIRAN Patient Group volunteers was arranged in the office of a local NGO. The meeting was attended by 08 active volunteers. The objectives of the planning meeting were;

• Suggest methodologies for signing up maximum Tribute Cards

• Select potential places to reach maximum number of people for signing up of Tribute cards

• Get maximum Signatures on UICC Posters

The meeting started with the basic concept of Cancer awareness Campaign. An informal Power point Presentation along with Pat’s Video was also watched on Computer. Both presentation and video clarify the concept and facilitated to plan activities for the campaign. However, it was important to think globally but act locally, therefore after the brainstorming session it was decided that we (Volunteers) divide the work and launch Tribute Card signatures at different locations that includes;

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