Scientists and physicians pay tribute to survivors at ESH

Danielle and I are just back from the US Washington DC launch of the campaign, with a booth and a tribute wall at the ICMLF – ESH International Conference on CML.

We met old friends and new ones. Dr Hermant Malhotra, one of our physicians in India was happy to write a tribute, as well as Dr Jose Luis Lopez from Venezuela.

We emphasized for them that we would tell patients about this meeting, how scientists and physicians were working so hard and not giving up on finding a cure for them, and about the messages of encouragement that they were sending to patients.

I have to say that I think we were creating social change as it was quite difficult for the scientists to get in the mind set of writing an enouraging message. They, who can decipher the working of strange named cells, were quite puzzled and asked for more time to “think about the message”. In any case, we begged, we bribbed with chocolate, and we cohersed them into doing their part.

My favorite, however, was when I saw one of the waiters who kept coming and going passed our booth and to whom I offered a chocolate. Then I told him what we were doing and asked if he wanted to write a message. He said he would love to. He wrote his messaged and pasted it on the Tribute Wall and said that this made him feel so good and had made his day.

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