Love and care across the ocean.

Hello team! Just see these happy faces and you will understand how much fun we had during trying hats on! Yestarday I visited dormitories near BMT hospital where children and mothers live between chemotherapies and just having rest after hard treatment. Mothers invited me to the dinner and we were chatting and laughing and joking. Also mothers complained how they are tired seeing their children suffering, but anyway no matter what mothers still keep hoping for the best and enjoy life. After dinner I invited everybody to choose a beautiful hat. Children went crazy trying every hat on! Mothers were burst laughing and me too, we made lot of fotos and were happy to see kids having so much fun! Both children and mother thanked a lot everyone who took care of them. They were amaized how people exprees the best of their soles to others who sufffer. Tomorrow I will go to the hospital and give the rest of the hats away to the children.

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