Gathering Tributes Garnering Courage

It has been an exhilirating experience for all of us working on the Tribute Wall again this year. One of the most important realisation for all of us is the fact that every one has somehting to say and share . Simple yet profound , survivors and care givers, physicians and other visitors to the office have poured their hearts out into these little chits of paper with the Blue Sparrow gazing wisely out of it. in and bring it back to us .

Some need no furhter encouragement other than to be handed over the chit and a surface to keep it on while writing their thougths ; some smile happily and tell us they will think , fill it in and bring it back to us while some look at us in some confusion and wonder what this is all about.

This is when each one of us has begun to realise how such a seemingly simple request has created an oppurtunity for us to elicit the sharing of innermost feelings with our patients and help them look within themselves for the spark of courage and motivation that keeps them going . Just a sugestion as to what they could express or share and the flood gates open and it is a loving heart that is bared to us.

The Tributes shared and written by hand in any number of languages and scripts contain nothing less then the most poignant of philosophies .

Of Love and Courage , Faith and Harmony , Generosity of spirit and the dispelling of fear !

With each Tribute we help articulate and put down we learn and experience a new kind of lesson and pride in the human spirit.

We have made friends all over again with our patients and it is with such pride and joy that we are putting up the Tributes wherever we have place for them . And in the midst of the already busy and packed days we find place in our schedules for spending time to work on this project and place in our hearts for all the messages that are pouring in.

Young Leenata our volunteer cannot tire of painstakingly enterinng each Tribute , translating from the regional language into English though she does agree with me when I tell her there is no language barrier here – everyone is speaking the language of love , care and awareness !!!!

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