MaxStation Contribution in National Disaster

The flooding began in late July, when torrential monsoon rains soaked much of Pakistan. The country is struggling to come to grips with the country’s worst natural disaster in its recent history. Over 1,760 Pakistanis have lost their lives and eight million people are currently dependent on handouts for their survival as a result of last month’s flooding about more than 20 percent of the country remains underwater.

All provinces got affected with torrential rains and faced heavy floods. The K. P province first destroyed and the same flood descended to Punjab province and affected both banks of river Indus and now devastating the last province of Sindh and where it meet with the sea near Karachi.

More losses were reported due to non evacuation of houses from the threatened areas. Despite repeated warnings people did not evacuated their houses and belongings and left houses when flood water approached to their places.
The refugees are provided temporary shelter at school and other government buildings. But still majority is compel to camp at the sides of main highway and waiting for proper shelter and food.
Despite the continuing efforts of the Government, NGOs and the humanitarian community to assist affected Populations across the country, large numbers of people are yet to be reached with the assistance they need, particularly in Sindh and Punjab. While funding levels are now improving in key sectors, the continuing threat of flooding in many areas and the manner in which populations are spread across a vast area persist as major operational challenges
The Maxstation feels national responsibility and joined hands with the NGOs working for the relief work and actively participated in collection of Donations from general public and corporate sector.

A visit has been planned by the MaxStation with the local NGOs the relief camps located North West of Lahore to contribute relief operations for the needy people. The two days visit was begun after sun set and we reached at camps in late night. In early morning we started our relief operation with the distribution of ration, cloths and other articles needed for living. This was the time when the Max Station used his skills to provide emotional and social support to the people affected in flood and rains.

A medical camp was also established to provide instant treatment to the affected population in the camp. After passing the whole day and night, the team returned to the head quarter with the enthusiasm to contribute more in relief operations.

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