During Asean Federation Haematology Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 22-24 Apr 2010

I wrote about the patient congress earlier and this in entry I would like to share about The Max Foundation booth activities during the scientific conference.

This year is the 1st Asean Federation Haematology Conference, and so Malaysia Society Haematology is the host.

The scientific meeting was taking place from 22 – 24 April; and the CML patient congress was scheduled on 24 April afternoon.

The Max Foundation had a booth during the scientific conference from 22 April.

This was the booth set up:
The right wall was for tribute wall activity;
And the left wall was featuring Max Family, the CML patient support group in Malaysia.

We showed our video on the monitor, connected to a laptop.
We showed Maximize Life moment video, “Here comes to sun” video, and a few more video that Wei Meng has made locally.
It was a good way to show people our work as video and photos are always better than wordings!

Tribute Wall – Give Your Support to Cancer Survivors!

This is the most popular activity, I will say;
And also a good activity to engage physicians to do something simple, to show their support to patients.
This wall really created the fun elements, yet strong collective voices and action from the entire healthcare professionals, to enable them to express their support.
They felt good when they signed up supports, and pasted their little teddy bear onto the wall;
as for us, I found that it is a good tool to start a conversation, to start introduce what we do in The Max Foundation.

I want to give credit to my colleague SL, who has creating the wall.
You can see from one of the pictures – it showed SL and her wall!

We also created a small art gallery during the conference, by putting up 9 pieces of arts with message from artist.
This was an ad-hoc idea to have it from Day 1 during scientific conference; originally we were only planning to have the arts display during patient congress.

We tried to get permission from the congress committee chairman, and we were granted permission.

The most up-lifting message that we got was when the chairman came to our booth during Day 2, and said: “The arts have given life to the whole conference.”
To all cancer survivors, your voices are being heard! Thank you for painting the art, and submitting to us.

After the hard work… comes the fun part.

Everyone just so happy, and blessed for a successful event.
We went for Pat’s favourite Malaysian food – satay.

The people in the photos: Pat, MaxStation Malaysia team, Dr Razak, Fan, MaxFamily core group members, MaxStation Thailand (they came for vacation and joined the patient congress), Matron Tan, and some volunteers who have helped us in putting up the congress!

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