Latin America team meeting

Dear Max family, we had a wonderful and productive training week on April 5-9 with the Latin America team (Latam) in the global offices of TMF.

Mercedes (Argentina) and Patty (Guatemala) sharing a good bye card that Paula prepared for them.

MS’s gave great presentations, where we learned so much from the work they do in their regions.

Mercedes presentation 🙂

Mariana presenting

The Queen of the Nile, in Spanish the Quinn of Nilo tinib… she helps with the CU in her region. This is Ines’ nickname.

We had Darlene in Seattle, yay!

We had great discussions about the vision of TMF in 2010. We agreed on how to provide uniformity to the projects, even though they all have diferent challenges in their countries.

Barbara presenting on how to give presentations… Danielle will share more of Barbara’s presentation on a diferent blog 🙂 .

Pat and Erin did a great role play about diferent scenarios and how we should all be prepared for “difficult situations”.

Patty and Mercedes in action

At the role playing… very nice excersice.

Pat sharing the vision of TMF, succeses of TMF and plans for the near future.

There will be a complete sumary and outcome of this meeting available soon.

Thanks chicas!!!!!!!!!!!!
We missed you Xiomara

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