TBM/TMF Reached Out to PGH Pediatric Ward

Last April 15th, the Touched by Max in partnership with TMF conducted an outreach project to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Pediatric ward. The project was very memorable for me as it coincided with my birthday (thanks to all who sent in their greetings :)) It consists of 45 beds mostly hema-onco patients. We distributed food and toys. The burger chain lent us their Jolibee mascot which is very popular among Filipino kids. His presence brought so much joy among the children. For a while, they forgot the physical pain and trauma of being in the hospital. One TBM member who came with us said that he felt so proud that he was part of this project. He said that he and his daughter were recepients of gift-giving and being the giver this time around brought him a different feeling of self-fulfillment.

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