An award for Friends of Max

Dear Viji,
I hope this
email finds you well.
Friends of
Max has been nominated for the Global Award of Excellence Award this year at
the Life Raft Group’s Life Fest conference.
Please see
attached letter of invitation honoring your organization’s contribution to the
global GIST community.
Life Fest
is a gathering of GIST patients and their families over a weekend of camaraderie, combined with presentations by experts
in the field of GIST management and research. 

Please let
us know by February 28th or sooner if you accept the honor of this
Sara Rothschild, MPH
Program Director
The Life Raft Group
(973) 837-9092, ext. 118
The Life Raft Group has a simple focus: to cure a form
of cancer – GIST – and to help those living with it until then.
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It was a very pleasant surprise to receive this 
intimation in  my inbox last month. At first the magnitude of the recognition did not register immediately. Our reward and recognition is the well being of the patients we work with and all of us strive hard with only that being the focus of our work . 
But then it is a fact that when our work is recognized by our peers in the cancer community then it is really special and that is what makes me feel very proud . 
Friends of Max is growing . It is no longer a babe in arms or even an infant . The time has come to set it down and let it stand up and take steps on its own. 
And like all children who are growing up , for a while it will need support and guidance and then will forge it’s own way ahead . 
Creating projects for them like the GIST focused group meetings or Chai for Cancer are only the tools of support we give them. It is going to give me great pleasure to see how they use them and how far they will go .
We are never too far away ourselves and our involvement will always be there . Without their participation our activates will come to nought. Which is why projects like these that keep them engaged are important . One development  that warms my heart and fills me with positive hope for FOM is how the CML patients in the core group  participate in the GIST meetings and stand up to be counted as figures of inspiration to the GIST patients. 

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