GIST meeting in Mumbai

From previous blogs, you know that
since 2013 we are concentrating on having GIST focused meetings. This was
started in Mumbai at the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) and we try to hold a
meeting every quarter.
The need for these was felt as it was seen that during regional meetings, GIST patients were overshadowed by the large number of CML patients and the specific needs of GISTers in terms of interaction with the medical fraternity was left wanting.
On the heels of the FIRST GIST meeting at Hyderabad, the quarterly GIST meeting was held at TMH, Mumbai on 5th March. 

Dr. Nikhil, the face and voice of FOM (Friends of Max) GIST India, spoke about attending the 6th Annual SPEAN (Sarcoma Patients Euronet) Conference in Paris in November 2015 and proudly announced that FOM is now an associate member of SPEAN. He presented the gist of the conference succinctly and also spoke about the latest treatment modalities presented at the conference which compelled Dr. Vikas Ostwal to remark that it was a learning for him too.  

That Friends of Max has been
nominated for the Global Award of Excellence this year at the Life Raft Group’s
Life Fest conference in recognition of FOM’s contribution to the global GIST
community is an honour and a responsibility to continue working towards facing
the challenges and answering the unmet needs of GISTers
Dr. Vikas Ostwal and Dr. Abhishek Mitra from TMH supported us at the meeting, emphasising on compliance and patiently answering all the questions.
Dr. Abhishek Mitra speaking

Dr. Vikas Ostwal speaking

In each of our meetings, we try to
include a therapy workshop, a time for patients and caregivers to participate
and open up and empathise with one another, bond and build friendships.
This meeting had ‘Art Therapy’. Each one participated in the Art therapy workshop, some enthusiastically and some with a little coaxing 🙂

The pictures say it all!!

Do read Viji’s blog post on 7th
March “A Saree with a Difference” 
                                                                                                                       –   Vijaya Sundaram

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