Like peeling the onions

When someone asked me what is my resolution for this year, I found myself answered
” I want to be grateful, appreciate every relationship and the persons more”.

To be honest, I have a lot to work on especially in the health department! Haha.
I couldn’t give up my beloved carbohydrate portions, yet!

Thinking about my answer to her question of resolution, I realize it has never been easy to maintain sense of appreciation towards people. Sometimes the hectic schedule, maybe the bad moods take away the ability to appreciate people, just my personal opinion. It takes a great effort to see through people.

Today somehow reminds me again to pause and see through people. For the first time ever, we went for a picnic together with Max Family ( a Malaysian patient support group). It’s kinda a big deal for us because we always meet monthly in the office. We are the newbies in the picnic department, hehe.

When we decided to do picnic, we really hope the Max Family members would be excited. Personally I believe fun outings like this could bring us closer. The Max Family members were excited to hear that we’re going to have picnic together for the first time! They even started a little discussion on what to bring that day since it’s going to be a potluck.

The day finally has arrived. We all gathered at the park as early as 7.20 am. I could see almost everyone wore a bright smile, what a wonderful start to the Sunday morning! Not only that, everyone brought something with them, from the picnic mat to yummy Nasi Lemak. How lovely to see everyone is trying their best to make it the best day.

First activity of the day is..tadaaaa the brisk walking. Owh I forgot to tell all you, we planned to throw a surprise pre-birthday celebration for Mei Ching during the picnic. Gin Nin and Yee Jia needed to prepare the cute cupcakes while everyone walked. The funny part was all of us (including Mei Ching) almost bumped onto Gin Nin with the birthday cupcakes! Luckily Gin Nin and Yee Jia were fast enough to save the surprise.

Next is my favorite highlight: FOOD. Today I could see one of the best flat lays, it filled with lots of love. Kak Fuziah, a wife to Encik Aziz (she wears the brown scarf) is really a top-notch in food presentation. When I just randomly placed all fruits on one side, she reminded me to place half of them on another side (I need to learn more on “wife material” department..haha). We also learned that Kak Fuziah who also just got back from her trip yesterday, woke up really early tofay to prepare us the egg sandwiches. I am touched to see how people will go the extra mile. Today also recalled one of my memorable moments, a feast of love with Max Smiles during the Rising Sun 2015.
What goes around, comes around 🙂
Things couldn’t get more interesting when we needed to make an escape from a group of monkeys,haha. Their eyes surely fixed on the variety of food displayed on the mat. At first, we thought we could slow talk with them, but we chose to save the FOOD, and of course ourselves! In emergency time like this, taking a photo is not a great idea, so we couldn’t snap the pictures haha.

Before the monkeys paid us a visit. Do you see the nice shady tree, yes that’s THEIR territory.

We settled down into different spot, praying the monkeys couldn’t trace us. Then we played an icebreaker game called “True or Lie”, when each person needs to share 3 things about themselves (2 truths and 1 lie). The next person has to make a guess on which one is a lie, it is not as easy as it sounds! Even though I’ve known all of them almost 8 months now, I need to admit I don’t really know much about themselves. This game definitely taught us about each other. That’s not only my favorite moment, but how much laughter we had playing the game. I’m thinking we should have more games like this, it is a fun way to get to know each other! I also noticed I haven’t had good laugh for quite some time, but today my stomach was hurt from laughing so hard. Oh and the monkeys came once in a while, but this time they’re less scarier and looked more friendlier.
We spent the rest of the picnic discussing about the plan in line for this year. I couldn’t wait to explore this year with all of them. Today, I learned relationship is like an onion. You get to see more of the onion, when you peel more of the layers (You can choose corn instead, because peeling an onion can make us cry). Here I am in my bed reminiscing about the sweet day, reflects my very own answer “I want to be grateful, appreciate every relationship and the persons more”. Today also inspired me to do more for my mum, maybe I can start with helping her more often in the kitchen.
I love my work when it motivates me to become a better person. After all, that’s what life is about, to keep trying. Thank you lovely people for the most important lesson.
Till then, 

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