Join me in helping a little girl!

Dear friends!

I need your help and emotional support for a little girl suffering from blood cancer.
Some words about the girl.
Her name is Irina. She lives in Ukraine. She is 9 years old now. Three years ago she has got leukemia. During these years she has passed through several chemo blocks and auto transplantation. She was relapsed twice. Last year her family reached us asking for help. I suggested them some foundations who might donate money for treatment. I supported her family during all these treatment period. Family gathered money and in 2009 Ira has successfully got BMT in Israel clinic and returned home. After some months Ira relapsed again. Now her family is under fundraising process to go to Israel clinic and have non-related BMT.
I’m sure you understand how the family is frustrated. They need not only financial but emotional support. I’m asking every one of you to join me and send the cheerful postcard to Ira, so she and her family feel that they are not alone in this struggle.

You can send your postcards to the following address:

04116 Ukraine, Kiev-116, p/o 7
For Irina Krivets
Additional infeormation about Irina

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