A surprising postcard from my long distant family :)

Dear Everyone,

Since I cannot hide my happiness from receiving a surprising postcard from my long distant family for my congratulation graduation, so I want to share my happiness and joy to everyone here in Pat’s blog.

I just had my graduation ceremony on March, 17 2016. I graduated my master on Clinical and Community Psychology. I actually graduated since last year but it is only last week that I had the graduation ceremony. I like to share my inspirations for taking this course as I feel so grateful to all the patients and caregivers who have inspired me to take this course so. They are the reason why took the course so that I can maximize my skills for them.

I started working with The Max Foundation since October 2011. My first few weeks experiencing how The Max Foundation dedicating for cancer patients really touched me. Many calls I made for MM patients reminded me that aside from medicine we helped them to access, they also need our emotional support. Even I had my certificate on counseling, I could feel that it was not enough because some of the patients and caregivers faced with acute stress attack and sudden loss of the loved one brought them depression. This is the reason why I thought of maximizing my skills for these patients. So here I am taking this course on Clinical and community psychology since it helped me understand how to treat depression effectively. Everyday I work, I learn that every patient and caregiver that I come across are my blessings. I am not just helping them but they are teaching and giving me a lesson of life. My thesis is about the self help group that we are doing monthly (MaxSmiles monthly meeting) helps those newly CML diagnosis on depression and self-esteem.

Oh!! I have gone so far from my entry 🙂 Let’s go back to my propose of this entry. Today when I arrived the office one package is placed on my working table and it is written that it is from Malaysia team. Wirat guessed that it must be a congratulation card from them. My hands are shaking while I am unpacking the package. Wirat is right it was really a card. It is a card from my long distant colleagues and family. Thank you Mei Ching and everyone in The Max Foundation Malaysia for your thoughtful gift for me. It means a lot to me. Thank you also Wirat, my super colleague here in Bangkok for being there on my day.

The Surprising package is placed on my table

Inside of the card
With my family

With Wirat, my super colleague 🙂

Finally, what I have achieved is for all the patients who are my inspiration to take this course for them. I am hoping I will be able to give more to the team and community I am serving, to give hope and dignity to them.

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