Max’s Birthday Celebration in Cebu City

October 24th was a memorable day for patients from the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Some of the highlights were:>First patients event in Cebu since GIPAP was launched in the Philippines>More or less 100 patients, caregivers and physicians joined the celebration. Unlike in all other events we had in Manila, there were 6 GIPAP physicians who joined us through out the whole afternoon.

  • 3 Novartis staff came to grace the occasion.
  • Physicians discussion about CML and GIST were truly appreciated by the patients. The presentation was mostly in their native dialect.
  • Pat’s message and Celebration of Life video was well received and applauded by the participants
  • Blowing of cake candle was joined in by October birthday celebrators. One physician was pleasantly surprised when we handed the bouquet to her as everyone sings happy birthday.
  • Fun games and song numbers from the participants were welcome treats. Everyone gamely joined in dancing Jai Ho as they move around the floor.
  • Traditional candle lighting as everyone sings “If we hold on together” was also done.
  • Releasing of balloons with their written wishes attached to it was the culminating activity.

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