Google translator is available on the TMF website!

Check it out! In an attempt to remove the language barrier and to allow some way for people to read our website and access our services, we have uploaded the Google translator.

You will see the icon in the right top corner. Try it out.

We are aware that it is quite a poor translation but the feedback from our team of pilot testers was that it is better than nothing and will allow our patients to be more connected to us.

I am quite impressed with how many languages are included and how easy it is to use, and think it is very worth having.

A word of caution: it is what it is and we don’t have any flexibility about it. For example, it doesn’t translate images, so some things are not able to be translated. Also, we don’t choose what languages are available, so please don’t request a new language. AND, we have not yet uploaded onto Maxaid or onto the Help application.

Please send feedback to Erin, Craig and myself.

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