Celebration of Life in Azerbaidjan

Dear friends, I imagine how exicted and curious you are about the first Celebration of Life in Azerbaidjan!

The event was hold on 17th of Ocober in Baku – the capital of Azerbaidjan. We gathered in Hyatt Hotel Nizami room. There were about 40 patients and caregivers, doctors, representatives from other charitable organizations in Azerbaidjan and TV and press.

Before the party has started I’ve been interviewed by a correspondent of local newspaper. She asked me about my personal experiance, The Max Foudnaiton and the aim of the Celebration itself. Iwas very hapy to share the information about our foundation and I liked that the reportes were very curious and attentive.
This is the first global meeting of patients with leukemia in Azerbaidjan. In the beginning, I greeted the patients and caregivers, made the acquaintance with guests. It turned out that some representatives from other charitable organizations already know me! We were working together on searching funds for kids with cancer from Azerbaidjan. It was nice to see them personally.
The Celebration has started with presentation of the patients group leader – Lala Abbasova. She told about the nature of CML and Glivec and other drugs in common words, so that everybody could understand.
After that I showed the movie and my presentation. I was very nervous but I saw how much my words can inspire patients. I saw the confidence and hope in their eyes. That was great experiance for me. After me Dr. Azad Hajiev made a speech about CML patients in Azerbaidjan, what glivec meansto them and other treatment options available in Azerbaidjan.
Then Lala hold a quiz among the guests. The winners got the T-shirts with the azerbaidjan patients logo on it. Also we shared the wristbands and Colours of Hope books. TV was shooting all the time. Patients were talking to each other, to me, to doctors, drinking tea with sweets. In the end of the celebration we signed the Tribute wall.
That was very nice Celebration of Life in Azerbaidjan. I really hope that this is the beginning of the new patient group in our big Max family!

Next day there were some nice articles in local newspapers about The Max Foundation and the Celebration of Life. This is the first step in cml awareness campaign in Azerbaidjan.

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