Please Read: coming soon, a Tribute Wall

Most of you know that this October we are making a push for increased awareness of the needs of our patients. Our hardworking MaxStations and Program Officers, with the support of everyone here in Edmonds, are putting together 34 (this is the last count) Celebrations of Life in 16 countries. This is our third year of the local Celebrations of Life, an event that unites survivors, caregivers and other community members in support of each other and in re-energizing to continue the fight against cancer. This year we have recruited new groups to join us in this Global event. I can think of a group in Kenya, one in Mauritius, Vietnam, Azerbaijan who are new to our network and will host Celebrations of Life. Also, many MaxStations who in the past organized one Celebration, this year are hosting two or three, starting new chapters of their patient group, and providing support to survivors who never had this opportunity before. Go Team!

In order to give visibility to these events and to allow members of one group to support their fellow survivors in other countries, in October we will launch a Tribute Wall on our website. Anyone will be able to come to our website, sign the tribute wall, and send a message of support to cancer survivors around the world.

We expect the tool to be available on October 1 and we will start collecting signatures then. Our goal is to collect 1,000 signatures. On October 19th (Max’s birthday anniversary) instead of our usual birthday card, we will send to our friends around the world an email asking them to sign the Tribute Wall. Additionally, on this day, the Wall will go up officially.

MaxStations: some of you might want to make this into an activity during your group’s Celebration of Life. With the help of Mei Ching, we are putting together sample materials that you can distribute during your event and where participants can write their message and sign the wall. Later on, you or a volunteer, can put the signatures on our website using the tool that Craig is building. Please watch for the materials coming to you through your program officer. If you need them right away, let your program officer know.

Stay tuned for more information on the Tribute Wall and our October Cancer Awareness Campaign.

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