Thank you Sponsor, for Life!

Dear friends, I want to tell you a story about little brave warrior. His name is Stanislav (or Stas). He is 6 years old. Three years ago he faced the blood cancer and began his long battle. Living in a settlement near Kharkov in a big house with loving mom and dad, playing every day outdoors with his friends and enjoying being a kid. One day he suddenly was grabbed out from his happy child’s life into a dark world of cancer. He is the only son in the family, always so healthy and happy. How he could probably get sick in cancer? No one ever knows. During 3-years battle there were the chemo and infections, agonizing suspense and expensive drugs. During all three years this little warrior bravely has been suffering privations and pain, patiently staying in the hospital while his friends were playing football, refusing from chocolate and sweets. He has won in this battle, he has struggled leukemia. And now the second round of a battle – the adverse events from the treatment. These are Hepatitis B and C he has got in the hospital. Now Stas is under against Hepatitis therapy with constant medical consultation in Moscow. During these 3 years Stas was under our care. We has been helping him with drugs and paying for tests and tickets. We have been helping him with access to Dr., to get medical consultations and recommendations. I do remember how much we have done for him to save his life. Just a boy from Ukraine like million of others. But Stas’s story touched not only our hearts. Couple of times I applied to Charitable Foundations like AdVita and The Happy World. They has been helping too, providing financial support (more than 3000 $ at once!) for drugs. And now when Viktoria – Stanislav’s mother called me and asked for help with drugs I did not know what to do. While there is financial crisis everywhere I hardly hoped to get money from Foundations. I applied to private sponsor I’ve never seen. I know him because he helped some kids when I was working in Nastenka Foundation. I applied with no hope and in 3 days I got the answer from the sponsor. He said “Tomorrow you will get money”, – more than 2 000 $ to buy Stas drug. Now these boxes of drug from Hepatitis are in my fridge waiting for dispatch to Ukraine. This story once again proves ourselves that we are on a right way, that somebody needs our help and assistance and that is always there is someone you don’t know who cares.
Dear Max team, thank you for caring!

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