Amor a la Vida´s video, In a local TV channel at El Salvador


“Amor la Vida” is a patient´s association working at El Salvador. They are very active, count with a few resources as many of our patient´s groups, but the creativity takes them to upload a video in the web of a local TV channel at El Salvador. The TV channel is sponsoring their video to raise funds for a shelter to help the cancer patients at Hospital Rosales. BUENAS&pagina=1

The video is in Spanish, but the beginning is more less like this:

Cancer is limited, it cannot stop Love, cannot destroy Hope, cannot corrupt Faith, cannot consume Peace, cannot destroy Trust, cannot kill Friendship, cannot close the doors to Memories, cannot silence the Courage, cannot invade the soul, cannot silence the Spirit; after cancer … there is life.

Everyday patients with cancer come to Hospital Rosales, El Salvador where they fight against cancer to save their lives.
In 2007, the Association “Amor a la Vida” was created and becomes the best ally to the cancer and leukemia patients, supporting them with medical and psychology treatments.

The dreams of the Association are many, but on the major priorities is a shelter to help many patients and their families. Many patients come from far away and they need a place where to stay in order to have their treatments. Most of the time, when they come to the hospital but they know they have to stay longer, they do not continue their treatments.

So they did this video with the help of many people to help more people. We wish they get they desire come true.

Patty MonteroCentral America & Caribbean Maxstation

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