This was the subject in the email I received from Alejandra Sanchez, a patient´s daughter from Honduras. The patient is her mother Maria de la Cruz Sanchez, she is now 53 years old, she is a widow, who had five children, all of them are grown up now. She does not work and lives with one of ther daughters who support her.

Alejandra, her daughter, sent this first photo when she was healthy in the year 2006.

She also sent the next photo, when she was sick and diagnosed with CML, when they feel fear, frustration and desperation to find a cure for her mother and thinking about how much would cost a treatment they could not afford.
They said they attended to the Hospital Escuela, where Dr. Mojica sent her application in order that she entered into the Gipap Program. I met them in one of my trips to Honduras and they gave me the required documents. And they also sent a photo after she has taken Glivec for more than one year.I also call them to thank for the email, and they told us that they do not have money to thank TMF for the health of their mother. She is much better, she has gained weight, and lives her life as normal. The annual income of this family is approx. US$600.00. They do not have computer at home, so they pay to use internet and send this photographs and to say thank you to TMF for this blessing, the life of their mother. As they said they can not pay for this opportunity. Even though their low income, her daughter made the effort to open an email account, to learn how to do it, and send this photographs to us, and say Thank You. What a blessing we have to touch these patients and their families with TMF help.

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