Hats Project came to it’s end

Dear Max Family! The Hats Project came to end. On this week I launched it in Childrens Cancer Hospital in Moscow and continued in 31 Hospital in St. Petersburg. There are more than 180 kids with different blood cancers from 1 to 18 years old. Now I want to tell some words about St. Petersburg 31 Hospital. I brought a big bag with hats and some arts and craft stuff for the playing room. Yes, I might assume that the project had been very successful and had great respond from participants – KIDS. I’m very appreciate that this pilot project had been hold in Russia. I’m very proud that from all the countries we have chosen mine. I want to say thank you all and special thanks to everyone who has knitted these amazing hats! If you could only seen children’s faces! They were happy for a moment during their long battle with cancer. They felt they are not alone. Somebody from another country speaking on different language do care for them.This is really very touching. But the most precious moments for me are the teens smiles. It is very hard work to make teens smile. They are teenagers, they know everything. You can see it in their eyes. You will never deceive them. They know what does it mean- cancer. But they are still teenagers, they want to be attractive. And I saw how the 14-years-girl was changing hats from one to another and looking at the mirror thinking what is the most fits to her. She wanted to be beautiful and she WAS beautiful! The most beautiful cancer fighter you will ever see! And when you see how the 18-years -old boy from Intensive Care Unit shying of his bald head trying some hats on and modestly smiling – you understand – THIS ALL FOR THEM!!! This is tiny care for them that makes them happy even for a moment.
Thank you very much fro this tremendous experience.

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