As you know we launched the new project “With Love in every stitch”. For three months ladies from “all around America” has been knitting fantastical hats for children having chemotherapy. We expected just 100 hats but the ladies couldn’t stop knitting!! At the end of July I’ve got two big boxes full of hats with love from America to Russia. There were more that 150 hats!

When I opened the boxes and saw the hats I was speechless! So fantastical so colourful so sweet hats were! inside! You cant’s imagine how beautiful and bright they are!. There are pink and yellow, with smiles and ears, like a pinguin and with pompons and knitted flowers! For babies and teens!
I splited the hats between Moscow Hospital and St. Petersburg Hospital for children with cancer. Moscow has got 120 hats and st. Petersburg has got 50.

Today I was in the Moscow Childrens Hospital for children with cancer. I brought big bag of hats there! That was a heavy burden. With my friends from “Nastenka” Foundation we have signed 120 hats fro children. 120 the warmest word of health and good luck! Some of physicians has signed the hats too. After we finished the hats madness has begun!

Just I looked out off the corner carring the bag with colourful hats in it, two curious kids jumped up to me
and with the sigh “WOW” clutched some hats from the bag and start trying them on. Then they took another ones and tryed them on too. With my friends from ‘Nastneka” I was walking from ward to ward and giving the hats away. Sometimes mothers tryed the hats on and laughed! And physicians passing along and watching the hats mess just smiled at us.

There were not many kids in the hospital these days because of summer but no matter what the hats were flying away like a bees! Even teen went out from their wards and tried some hats on. And the teenagers were laughing so much when they tried the kid’s hats on! There were so much fun!

Dear all I’m so thankful to you for such a great idea!!! the hats are really tremendous! And kids and mothers loved them so much!

Also I’ve got some orders from mothers. Now they are waiting for colourful socks and scarves!

And this is the thankful words from “Nastenka” website:

“10 августа Сегодня маленьким пациентам из НИИ детской онкологии была передана посылка из США – вязаные шапочки ручной работы. «Благотворительный Фонд Макса» запустил новый проект «Любовь в каждом стежке» (With Love in Every Stitch) для детей с онкологическими заболеваниями. Каждый желающий дарит тепло своих рук больным детям, связав симпатичную шапочку. Благодарим всех участников проекта и «Благотворительный Фонд Макса». “

It says:

Today the parcel from USA with handmade knitted hats has arrived to Russian Children’s Cancer Hospital. The Max Foundation launched their new project “With Love in every stitch” for the children with cancer.Everyone can give his warm of his hands as he knits the hat. We are very thankful to every participant and the Max Foundation”.
But the most precious things are the smiles of children and teenagers having fun trying the hats on!
Thanks a lot!

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