Hi, I am the Maxstation for Central America and Caribbean and I received a case on Help about a beautiful girl with Hodkings lynfoma. She had received quimioteraphy and now she needed urgently a PET SCAN and also radiation teraphy.
Her name is Mirna Amabel Castillo, she is 23 years old, her father is a teacher, she lives in Guatemala, in a small town which is four hours from the city Guatemala. In Guatemala, we do not have the technology for a PETSCAN, she had to travel to Mexico, to INCAN.

I thought that maybe Mariana, the Mexico Maxstation, may help me in this case, if she may get the appointment there, because they give the appointment only if a patient, relative or friend ask in person for it. I send Mariana all the required documents and she helped us to get the appointment for the test. Also she got lodging in AMAC for her and her father.

I send a grant request to TMF, and Susana advocate there for the patient, and the patient got the grant. I also advocate for this patient in a local airline and the granted two airline tickets to travel from Guatemala to Mexico.
When I met for the first time at the airline counter, I said to myself, wow she is beautiful and she does not seem to be sick at all. Her mother told me ” you see, she looks so beautiful as if her hair was natural”, she was wearing a wig. They were so grateful and the moment was very emotive, she has tears in her eyes because she knew her parents could not afford all theses expenses to help her.

Mariana and I worked together to help this beautiful lady, and she told me please take picture with me without the wig, I am very grateful with you and all your organization.

Her appointment at Mexico is on August 2, and they come back on August 5 in the morning. This test will help physician to indicate the best treatment for her.

So working together we empower ourselves to help all these patients with our Help resources.

We wish she may have a save return home.

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