Heads Up: our upcoming initiative to collect signatures for the World Cancer Declaration

The World Cancer Declaration (WCD) is a plan of action to help substantially reduce the global cancer burden by 2020 and increase cancer’s visibility on the international political agenda. It was launched last year at the UICC meeting in Geneva. Those of us who were there signed it right then. Now there is an opportunity for TMF to step up and help our friends, partners and colleagues around the world to sign it as well.

As many of you know, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is organizing the first Global Cancer Summit. This by invitation only meeting will take place in Dublin, Ireland in a few weeks (August 24 to 26). Out of the 200 invited guests, 6 at least are closely related to us: Viji and myself, Fan, patient leader from Malaysia, Maria Isabel patient leader from Venezuela, Alexandra, our MaxStation in Russia, and Lupita, our partner from AMANC in Mexico. This is a great accomplishment for us and will potentially give us great global visibility.

The LAF is making a big push to collect signatures for the WCD and will be presenting them to the UICC at the Summit. But now we have more good news: I have received an invitation to be one of 7 participants who will be giving a testimonial at the first session of the meeting. I have been asked to speak about why I signed the WCD. As Erin said “it will give you great visibility; from the first day of the conference, everyone will know who you are”. So this is great. On my side, I would like to be able to say in my testimonial that we have collected xxx signatures from xxx countries.

NOW: we have set up a story about the WCD on our website and a button to sign it. I will need your help (especially PO and MS) to help us by alerting patients, patient groups, physicians, etc. to come to our website and sign it. BUT DON’T RUN TO DO IT YET! We are working on a little process; PO will be in contact w/ MS to relay the process; we are preparing a mailing; we have a timeline; etc.

You will be hearing about this soon, I am sure you can’t wait….

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